Self care and the City lights…

Posted By Catherine Burrell on Nov 25, 2018 |

Thursday I ventured to London for a couple of nights with work…

Through sheer willpower and not wanted to be defeated, I managed to navigate myself around London, from Kings Cross Station, onto the underground to Oxford Street.  I came up the steps out onto the crossroads of Oxford Street Circus just as the main Christmas lights were being turned on.


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I had no idea this would be taking place and had I prior warning, or even spared a minute to plan ahead, especially knowing how busy London can be in general, maybe I would not have stopped and instead continued on my way.


The streets were crowded with people, all huddled around in groups, looking up to the sky waiting for the main lights to be unveiled.  Trying to excuse myself through the masses of people gathered around was daunting, especially as I was unsure of the direction I needed to turn.



However, for a number of reasons I was determined to get to where I needed to be, even if it did mean having to brave it through the masses and ask a lot of people for directions along the way.


Keeping up to speed or learning how to pace?

Watching people move around you at 100 miles per hour can be unnerving especially when you are in the middle of a strange city, unsure of where to go and who you can turn too. It is clear to see how people can easily get caught up in all the mayhem, feeling overwhelmed and lost.




Sometimes when we spend our life, going from one thing to the next without taking a break, we lose all sense of purpose. The road ahead becomes blurred and we can easily lose sight of what is right in front of us, the person we are and the values we strive for.

I imagine it to be like jumping from one underground tube to the next, with your head down and your headphones on. Not taking the time to venture into the light or take in the sights, losing a sense of reality.


Last weekend being part of this experience stopped me in my tracks, literally!

It made me take time out, switch off from social media, work and emails. For a short time, I stopped worrying about the things I had forgotten to do and stopped stressing over the things to come. In the end we have no control over what has already passed and as someone once told me, “it is what it is”.

Instead I spent time living in the present; with family, talking to people about things I am passionate about, laughing, dancing, being silly and having fun!  Sometimes the initial thought of stepping out of your comfort zone can be a scary prospect, when in reality it is often not as bad as you imagine it to be.



In preparation for what lies ahead…

With a couple of busy months coming up, including the festive period; the perfect remedy to keeping stress at bay was allowing myself some ‘me time’.  It gave me time to not only soak up the sights and live in the moment, but enabled me to reassess my personal goals and values.

Mindful of what is to come, I am making a conscious effort to do more of the things that make me happy.  Spending time with friends and loved ones, being a therapist and helping others, singing and listening to music, spreading a little kindness and above all – scheduling more time for that extra little helping of self care here and there!