Screening of Evelyn 10th May 2019

Posted on May 3, 2019 |

Screening of Evelyn 10th May 2019

Evelyn is coming to Teesside!

Over the past couple of months Teesside’s own ‘Team Evelyn’ have been working exceptionally hard working hard behind the scenes to bring Evelyn to the people of Teesside. In just over one weeks time, we will have done just that!

On Friday 10th May there will be a screening of the British Film Documentary, Evelyn at The Princess Alexandra Auditorium located within Yarm School, Yarm, Teesside.


The story of Evelyn…

Evelyn is a courageous story of one family’s journey, coming together and talking about losing a loved one to suicide.  Evelyn’s family recognised the challenges of trying to talk about mental ill health and in particular suicide, each member making an acknowledgement to their own personal struggles, grieving for the loss of their brother.


They say courage comes from sharing lived experiences and after 10 years, the family embarked on an expedition, walking and talking about their own heartache and loss.  The documentary is set in key locations around the country, places which held special memories for both Evelyn and his family whilst they were growing up.


In 2018, the film won the award for the Best Independent Film of the Year (British Independent Film Awards) and has also won the 2019 Anti Stigma Award at the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival.


Small steps, long term goals…

One of the main goals for the film was to help others feel like they too can start openly talking about their own experiences of mental ill health in the hope that this would also breakdown some of the barriers that prevent people from talking about both mental illness and suicide.


Reading reviews on Evelyn, many people have spoken about how the film has made them reflect on their own circumstances.  We live in such a chaotic and busy world that often the idea of slowing down and taking time out can seem daunting.  People have spoken about feeling able to talk more openly about mental ill health and the impact it has had both themselves and others around them.  For others, watching Evelyn has inspired them to even go outdoors, exercise being a well-known factor that contributes to positive mental health and well-being.


Why is this so important for Evelyn to be seen…

Mental ill health is something that sadly WILL inevitably have an impact on all of us at some point in our lifetime, be it direct or indirectly. Raising awareness of mental ill health is so incredibly important and helping people learn that, through times of challenge – they are not alone.  It’s imperative to get the message across that no one should ever feel like they are alone.

Yet still when someone dies from Suicide, for the friends and family left behind; there is often so much heartache and unanswered questions.


It’s time to grow a more resilient and accepting society!

With Mental Health Awareness Week taking place on Monday 13th May through to Sunday 19th May, Evelyn provides a perfect opportunity to reach out to people.  Finding the words to speak out about mental health challenges can often be a difficult thing to do, this film is aimed to bring comfort and acceptance that it is okay to open up about times of struggle.

By raising awareness, talking openly about how to recognise the signs not only acts as a means of prevention, stopping mental health problems from escalating and getting out of control, but starts to create a more accepting society whereby stigma is reduced and people feel able to talk about their own lived experiences.  After all, talking about feelings is not a weakness, the value in investing time and money in preventative work can have such a positive impact on the lives of children, young people adults, enabling a more resilient society.


Special thanks to all involved in Team Evelyn!

A special thanks to Dan Brookes, Manager of Princess Alexandra Auditorium and to Yarm School for allowing us to screen Evelyn in their auditorium.  Thanks to Neil Craig Managing Director of TeessideSamaritans, James Smith a good friend and someone who has a passion and drive for helping make a positive impact in Teesside, Katie Bannister Teesside Suicide Prevention Officer and Dr Heather Sutherland a Research Fellowship for CASTLE and someone has experienced loosing a sibling to suicide.

Last but not least, a sincere heartfelt thank you to Evelyn’s family, it is an honour to be helping the family have their journey screened in Teesside.  There is no doubt that so far, they will have helped so many people already and there will be so many more people along the way.

I feel very privileged to have been part of a team of like minded people, passionate about mental health and supporting the local community.


To buy tickets and for further information…


Tickets are priced at £5.00 per person / £3.50 concessions and are available to buy at


Alternatively tickets will be available to buy on the night.

The doors open at 6.15pm and the evening will commence at 7.00pm, there is large car park located in Yarm School.

Following the screening, there will be a chance for people to reflect on some of their own personal experiences if they wish.  We also welcome Dr Heather Sutherland who will be reflecting on some of her own lived experiences of losing a sibling to suicide and the work that she now does to help others.

Teesside Samaritans and CRUSE Bereavement Care and Sunflower Cognitive Therapies Limited will also be available following the event to offer a listening ear to anyone who may be affected by this film documentary.


If you would like to see this documentary or know someone who you believe might benefit from watching this; please, please, continue to like, share and promote this event.