Summer’s here!

Posted on Aug 18, 2017 |

Summer’s here!

Summer’s here…

Four weeks into the holidays as the unpredictable summer weather begins to settle, similar to last year it feels like a hot and sticky September maybe on it’s way.  Planning day trips with children and friends has proven to be difficult especially when you rely on the ‘good old British weather.’  Waking up to the sound of wind and rain can be disappointing for little ones who like to be outside and on the go.  As a parent it can be even more disheartening, especially when organised day trips require last minute changes causing additional feelings of stress with dilemmas of “everywhere’s going to be manic,” and already, changing the plans for the day has resulted in tears and a tantrum!

One thing that has helped in our house this summer is heading out straight after breakfast.  Giving us chance to enjoy some of the sunshine before the rain clouds appear and legs get tired.

Fun at the skate park

Even if the rain does set in for a day or two, at least that’s the skate park ticked off your holiday list…