Private Client, aged 30 yrs with Spider Phobia

Posted By Catherine Burrell on Sep 4, 2017 |

‘Before sessions with Catherine, I was terrified of and lived in fear of spiders.  Constantly on the lookout for them, never opening windows or putting my feet on the floor, or spending much time in the garden.  Catherine’s sessions were always clear and insightful – teaching me ways to cope with my irrational fear through practical methods and rational thinking.  She was always approachable and easy to talk with, listened to my fears and guided me exceptionally well.  I’m a completely different woman now and I’m no longer held back! I open windows (daily!), keep my feet planted on the ground and often venture into the garden/shed to crack on with the weeding etc like everyone else.  Highly recommend to anyone held back by fear/anxiety – Thank you Catherine!!’

(Private Client, aged 30 yrs)